Why I'm Running

Wisconsin is full of strong leaders, community members, and citizens.

But in Wausau and Superior and Hudson and Rhinelander and across our country, people are losing to the special interests of our current elected officials. Wisconsin’s once rich progressive and politically forward-thinking reputation has been tarnished by empty promises and backroom money. It’s time we change that.

It’s time we choose prosperity for all over the greed of a few.

It’s time we bring Wisconsin back to Washington.

It all starts from the bottom-up - with a strong economy, quality education, protecting our environment, and a health care system that serves everyone. We need to ensure that every person, young or old, no matter their race, gender, or income, is given the same fair shot to succeed.

I was born and raised in northwestern Wisconsin in a working-class family. Growing up here, good manners, a hearty work ethic, and your community of friends and neighbors used to be all you needed to get ahead and build a comfortable life for yourself and your family.

Representative Sean Duffy forgot those Wisconsin values a long time ago. That’s been made clear through the Congressman’s actions (or inaction) these past seven years. Like our Governor and the Speaker himself, he has let greed and the corruption of politics get the best of him, putting party and his donors ahead of all of us.

I know what it’s like to fight for Wisconsin values and remain true to my background, navigating an unforgiving, elitist industry while never forgetting where I came from. I consider the compassion and pragmatism I learned from my parents the reason I succeeded, and I’m ready to bring that back to D.C.

So how do we get there? The same way we were raised . . .

We come together.  We listen to each other, and we make a plan.

I’m running because we have an opportunity to empower each other to make a real difference for our great state and nation. I’m ready to listen to you and give power to your concerns.

I’m ready to bring Wisconsin back to Washington.

Thank you,


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