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Kyle Frenette is a small business owner and entrepreneur born and raised in Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District. Kyle’s running for Congress to bring Wisconsin back to Washington.

With deep roots in Chippewa Falls and Cornell, Kyle was raised in a working-class family. His father is an inventory manager at a telecom company and his mother is a secretary. Inspired by his grandfathers – both of whom were entrepreneurs who turned their passions into livelihoods – Kyle set out to turn his love of music into a lasting career. He built on his public education with a scholarship to a music college in Saint Paul, Minnesota. While there, he founded an independent record label to shine a light on the talent emerging back home.

After earning his two-year degree in business, Kyle moved back to Wisconsin to continue building his record label and began managing Eau Claire musician Justin Vernon and his band Bon Iver. He navigated the band’s meteoric rise – which included sold-out tours worldwide, multiple Grammy Awards, and gold and platinum selling albums – and founded Middle West, an independent artist management firm. At its peak, Middle West maintained the careers of 30-plus artists spread across three satellite offices in the U.S. And In 2011 Kyle was included in both Billboard’s and Forbes’ “30 Under 30” lists for music.

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While managing a growing business that took him around the globe, Kyle always came back home to northwestern Wisconsin.

“Growing up I was taught that if I worked hard and followed my passions, big dreams were worth having. My parents had decent jobs with good benefits; the Internet was my window to the outside world; I received a good public education, and college tuition was still a cost two working parents could afford. I could do what so many generations of Americans before me have done - dream, take risks, fail and try again,” explained Kyle. “Today, that same opportunity should be even more attainable, but the repressing policies enacted by those at the top have them stifled. The American Dream this country was built on now belongs only to the ultra-wealthy. This needs to change.”

Currently, Kyle sits on the board of April Base, a Wisconsin non-profit recording studio and arts organization, and Dissonance, a mental health advocacy group for the arts. He’s an avid runner and resides in Chetek.


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