Now’s our time to send a message to members of Congress like Sean Duffy by electing candidates willing to stand for bold and progressive change. Not just change for the wealthy few. Not just change for those with the right connections. Change for everyone that helps everyone.

I believe that this all starts from the bottom-up with:

  • A Strong Economy

  • Universal Health Care

  • Quality, Well-Funded Education

  • Committed Environmental Protections

We need to ensure that every person, young or old, no matter their race, gender, or income, is given the same fair shot to succeed.



We need an economy that supports Wisconsin, not Wall Street.

While Sean Duffy favors tax cuts for corporations and special interests over working people and suppressing unions, I believe that economic growth starts here at home.

  • I support a gradual increase of the minimum wage to $15 an hour, because more money to spend is more money to earn.

  • I support a fair tax code that removes the loopholes corporations use to cheat Americans.

  • I support union workers and the unions that give more power back to working people.

  • I support putting money towards improving our infrastructure – our roads and bridges – over cutting taxes for the wealthy.

  • I support making broadband Internet access a public utility instead of a private luxury to help our communities grow, learn and compete.



Health care is a human right; it’s as simple as that.

While Sean Duffy voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act and take healthcare away from millions of Americans, I believe that all people deserve the right to quality health care.

  • I support a single-payer health care program like Medicare For All so more people can receive the care they need, families can get ahead without the fear of medical bills, and more entrepreneurs can start businesses without risk of losing coverage.

  • I support equal access to health care for all Americans, no matter preexisting conditions or socioeconomic status. 

  • I support treating mental health with the same urgency and veracity that we fight other diseases.

  • I support funding for addiction and drug treatment programs to bring an end to the Opioid Epidemic and curb the use of methamphetamine and other harmful narcotics.  



A strong education system is one that provides everyone the opportunity to earn the skills needed to thrive.

While Sean Duffy has supported defunding our teachers and education systems, I believe we need to invest more in our primary, secondary, and trade schools so everyone has a path to success.

  • I support our public school systems over privatizing learning.

  • I support our teachers and teachers’ unions to ensure we can attract the best talent for our children.

  • I support programs to make colleges, universities, and trade schools more affordable and eventually tuition and debt free.

  • I support funding for apprenticeship or skills training courses for continuing education or an alternative to the traditional four-year path.



Wisconsin is a beautifully natural state and we need to do more to protect it and the people who live here.

While Sean Duffy has received unfavorable ratings from all reputable environmental groups, and recently voted to further deregulate domestic and foreign companies who pollute our land, I believe we need to protect our planet and stop selling it to the highest bidder.

  • I support taking immediate measures to limit the effects of climate change before we experience more unprecedented natural disasters and rising temperatures.

  • I support moving drastically towards cleaner and more sustainable forms of energy and supporting the research and innovation it will take to get there.

  • I support investing in new forms of transportation like electric cars and high speed rail that will reduce emissions and connect our communities.



This isn’t about taking guns away. This is a gun safety issue, not a gun rights issue.

While Sean Duffy has accepted thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the NRA and recently voted to make concealed-carry firearm permits valid across state lines, I believe American lives are more important than recreation.

  • I support an assault weapons ban, because such weapons belong only in our military and not on our streets. 

  • I support instituting federal firearms licensing and mandatory training programs to better account for and keep gun owners safe.

  • I support a federal minimum age requirement of 21, universal background checks and 48 hour waiting periods for all citizens who wish to apply for a firearms license and purchase guns or ammunition.

  • I support public funding for the study of gun violence and prevention to better understand this complex issue.